At HELIN, we have lots of active programs which we use as an avenue to keep persons on our platform actively involved.

“Listen attentively” is a public education program that increases level of knowledge and involvement of community members in HIV/AIDS and reproductive health issues and community development. The program creates an avenue to engage community leaders and gatekeepers in advocacy/intervention efforts and provide platforms for interaction among members of the communities on key health/developmental issues affecting them. HELIN use this medium to disseminate and forge partnerships on information networking and identify community changers to be trained as care providers and Behavioral Change communication focal persons in communities. The following components form the basis of this project: –
• Home Base Care services
• Outreach activities
• Legal AID services
• Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights issues
• Referral services

The infant mortality rate in Nigeria is 95.74, in developed countries a woman’s lifetime risk of dying in pregnancy and childbirth is 1 in 8,000 as compared to 1 in 76 in developing countries. It is shameful that maternal death stands as the greatest inequity of the 21st century. In Africa, women are responsible for up to 80 percent of food production, yet over half of African women give birth without a skilled attendant or health worker of any kind by their side. It becomes imperative to invest in health systems, failing to provide the most basic lifesaving care to pregnant women and newborns is a threat to the existence of any nation. When women survive childbirth, they are able to care for their families and make invaluable contributions to the social cohesion and economic vitality of their communities, nations and the world. HELIN works to ensure all women have access to the lifesaving care especially among the poorest and most vulnerable people in the community.

It is on this premise that HELIN works to promote mother and child survival at the community level. We provide services to ensure that all women have access to family planning, skilled care at birth, emergency obstetric care and postpartum care. This campaign seeks to advocate for government and communal investment in health workers and health system functioning and strengthening. The following services are being provided:-
• Community dialogue meetings and outreach
• Advocacy
• Press conferences/releases
• Referral services

Since the first case of AIDS in 1996, Nigeria has approximately 918,000 orphans and vulnerable children. The steady rise of HIV infection has led to rapid increase in the number of orphans due to the higher number of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) who begin developing AIDS related symptoms.

The OVC situation needs recognition and should be campaigned for to address their needs. Save our children campaign is a program that improves the health, nutrition, psychological care and development of orphans and vulnerable children including their Guardians/Grandparents in Nigeria.

HELIN uses the campaign to advocate for comprehensive care and support for orphans and vulnerable children. HELIN uses Green ribbon as symbols for care and support for OVCs. The components of this project include the following activities:-
• Back to school Program
• Skill acquisition (tailoring, furniture making, carpentry, income generating activities etc) for OVCs and their Care givers/Guardians.
• Provision of books, school uniforms, school fees etc.
• Provision of shelter, food, clothing’s for OVCs and their Care givers.

Like minds Campaign (LM) is designed to inform young people about Sexual and Reproductive health issues including prevention of HIV/AIDS through gender sensitive education and practical support for behavior change, promotion of abstinence, be faithful and condom use through the media (television, radio etc)and other means of information dissemination. Young people need access to accurate information, youth friendly services to make informed decision about their lives. LM objective is to increase young people’s knowledge on sexual reproductive health issues and encourage them to adopt behaviors that reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy and unsafe abortion. HELIN use LM Campaign to encourage young people to seek information and services and increase parents and child communication. LM also provides linkages and referral system where more information and services are available. Young people enlighten their peers through Dramas and role-plays in LM campaign. Activities embodied in this campaign are as follows;

• Interpersonal Communication
• Dialogue meetings
• Peer Education
• Peer Education Plus
• Drama, Songs and choreography Plays to convey Health and HIV/AIDS messages
• Dissemination of IEC materials and promotion of condom use
• Referral to Clinics and Hospitals for treatment
• Community development support in the form of construction work like schoolrooms, (equipments etc), clinic, borehole, toilets and communal income generating equipments.

Ask a question is a 24 hours telephone hotline that provides confidential pre-test and post- test counseling services by trained counselors to members of the public. We use this avenue to provide information on sexual and reproductive health issues (HIV/AIDS, STIs, prevention and treatment, Prevention of mother to child transmission) and referral services to People living with HIV and AIDS, Young people, women and Most at Risk Populations. Call the counselor on +234 706 579 2824.

OUTREACH is a quarterly newsletter of Heal the Land Initiative in Nigeria (HELIN). OUTREACH provides and documentation of HELIN community activities in the country. It provides information to partners, stakeholders and the general public on HELIN intervention activities in the country.

Volunteer service is one of the avenues HELIN use to carry out activities in the communities as a Not for Profit Organization. Our volunteer services create opportunity for you to feel the Nigerian culture and work with local and indigenous people in the communities.

Our volunteer services cut across:-
• Event Planning
• Community Development
• Outreach Activities
• Fund Raising
• Teaching in schools/communities
• Peer Health Education
• Counseling and Home Base Care etc
• Medical services to communities.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to deliver qualitative and compassionate services through the promotion of good health, education and general development.


HELIN envision a society where vulnerable groups have access to health, education and general development through innovative and community participatory approach.

Core Values

C- Commitment and Dedication to reach target population.
H- Hardworking to ensure that organizational vision, mission and values are met.
I- Uphold Integrity to ensure that policies and procedures of the organization are followed.
A- Uphold Accountability and Transparency in the organizational and financial management.

Get Involved

Are you are interested to assist and provide social and welfare services in the communities. Are you interested to make a change and put smile on somebody’s face?

HELIN depend on individual and corporate bodies support and financial donations to carry out all these activities in Nigeria. Your donation is an indispensible resource to support our work in hard to reach communities. You can be involved in HELIN projects through your involvement or donation to support the following activities:

Like Minds Campaign

Listen attentively

Ask a Question

Save our Mothers campaign

Save Our Children Campaign

Outreach Newsletter

Donation can be paid to:

Account Name: Heal the Land Initiative in Nigeria
Account Number: 3312010033177
Bank: First Bank Plc, Uyo.