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AIDS should be a disease of the past, but it isn’t.

We’ve made amazing progress – AIDS-related deaths are down by half – but the world has become complacent. Right now, AIDS kills more young women than any other disease, and every single day that we stand idly by, 1,000 more young women are infected with HIV. If we don’t move faster than the virus, it will win.

We know what to do and we know how to do it. Together we must fight for it. Let’s turn our anger into a deafening call for 2019 to be the turning point for ending AIDS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Very often, care givers at Heal the Land Initiative will have to travel to rural areas in the state to carry out assigned task and thus render help to our beneficiaries.

We do not have a planed schedule, but soon as there is a plan to travel care givers are usually contacted on time so as to make sure they are well prepared.